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Basement Remodeling In Falls Church, VA

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We offer Attic Remodeling In Falls Church, VA, and if you don’t have one, we’ll perform the next best thing: A Basement Remodel.

Inventory your home in Falls Church for remodeling projects. Do you have an attic? Well, no. OK, then, do you have a basement?  We remodel both, so if you have a completely unfinished basement, call us for a quote for basement renovation in Falls Church, Virginia. We’ll explain our remodeling process and the entirety of our basement remodeling services.

Why Should You Remodel Your Basement? 

  • In the short term, the short answer is that it gives you extra space, and there are many things that you can do with that extra space. 

In the longer term, it adds a considerable amount of value to your home when the day comes that you want to sell and move on.

If you have a young family with kids sharing a bedroom in Falls Church, you can bet your bottom dollar that the day is not far off when the kids will be complaining and demanding their own room. In a way, you can’t blame them because we all want our own space where we can do “our own thing” away from everyone else.

Basement remodeling in Falls Church, Virginia, can give you that much-needed additional living space. A finished basement will have the great added benefit that it will stop the kids from moaning once and for all. Oh, OK, we know they’ll find something else to moan about, but you know what we mean.

Finishing The Basement or Remodeling the Basement for Your Family

When we talk about undergoing a basement remodeling project or the whole renovation process, you are not just restricted to the size of the basement as it is. There are more things you can do with your space than just common basement renovation projects.

What else can you do to finish your basement in Falls Church, Virginia? Well, here are some finished basement ideas to try:

You could obviously add another bedroom. This is great if you have elderly parents who want to stay – especially if they live some distance away and would otherwise have to stay in a hotel when they come to visit.

In most cases, basements do not have access to natural light, but you can add egress windows and basement ceiling lights. These can light up the basement with natural light and provide a means of escape in the case of a fire.

You can even do a full-scale basement remodel to use the basement as a bar, game room, or home theater in which to entertain friends and family. You could install a pool table, or if snooker is more to your liking, you could extend the basement to allow room for a table tennis or snooker table. You could add a dart board on the basement walls. If you’re not keen on having an entertainment room, you could use your dream space as a laundry room, family room, wine cellar, or storage space. 

Certainly, there are many options for remodeling your basement in Falls Church. Call us now at 703-813-1768 to discuss your dream basement ideas. We’re one of the top basement remodeling contractors that follow local building codes not only in Falls Church but in all of Northern Virginia.

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