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A Kitchen Extension: Call a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Today!

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When you think about your home, what’s the one room that brings everyone together? It’s your kitchen, of course. That’s why so many homeowners in DC, Virginia, and Maryland, are interested in renovating, upgrading and improving this room. However, have you considered a kitchen extension? If you need more space (and who doesn’t?), this can be a splendid idea. We’ve put together five reasons this may be the ideal update for your home.


  1. A Kitchen Extension is Functional – Unlike many improvements you make to your home, adding on to your kitchen does more than just enhance the aesthetics of the property. You create space and add function to a room that everyone uses daily.
  2. Increase the value of Your Home – Whether you are planning to sell soon or not, adding value to your home should be a concern. According to HGTV a kitchen remodel has one of the highest average ROI’s of any improvement you can make.
  3. Ideal for Any Size Family – While a larger family can certainly benefit from a larger kitchen, even couples or single adults will appreciate the space. It makes it easier to entertain as well as keep up with daily cooking. Plus, a lovely kitchen is a natural spot for your family and friends to congregate. The lifestyle in cities as diverse as upscale Washington DC or homey Alexandria Virginia is one in which the “kitchen is the center of the home.”
  4. Exercise Your Creativity – A kitchen addition can be as simple or lavish as you desire. Few other projects allow you to use your creativity as a kitchen addition does.
  5. Takes the Strain off Other Space – When you have room in your kitchen, you can reduce storage headaches throughout your house. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your kitchen items in one place, instead of having to run to the basement or another area if you needed that punch bowl, for instance?

Now that you understand the benefits, perhaps it’s time to call a kitchen addition contractor and get started on adding beauty, function, and space to your kitchen and letting it become the most loved room in your home. We’re known as one of the top kitchen remodeling companies in cities as diverse as Mount Vernon and Burke in Virginia, Washington DC, and the Maryland suburbs of Chevy Chase and Rockville.

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