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When considering home remodeling some people get rather confused about the names. Should it be a Vienna, Virginia, home remodeling company or contractor?Home remodeling company or contractor in Vienna

Technically, Elite Contractors Services is a company, because we are larger than your average home remodeling business. However, in terms of customer service we CARE because we are small, local, and nimble, and after all contracting is what we undertake. It’s even in our name.

The question should not really be about whether it should be called a Vienna, Virginia, home remodeling company or contractor, but rather who is the BEST company/contractor when you are considering any sort of home remodeling project. The answer to that question is far more important than quibbling over a minor detail about the company description.

For any sort of home remodeling project, from a change of bathroom furniture to a completely new kitchen, you want a company that has several years of solid growth behind it, has experienced and talented tradesmen, can help you with the answers to all your questions, and is happy to let you talk to previous customers who can tell you about their experience. Elite Contractors Services has all of those in spades, having carried out home remodeling projects both large and small for customers in and around North Virginia.

Extending The Size Of The kitchen

Many North Virginia homeowners today are extending the size of their kitchens. There are a number of reasons for this, not the least of which is that the kitchen in the 21st century has become the hub of the home. No longer is it just a place to do the cooking and washing up, it is now a room where the family also eats (whatever happened to the dining room?), relaxes, and in addition entertains guests, so having more space is for many a priority.

A bigger kitchen will also allow you to have all your kitchen items in the same room. Rather than having to go down to the basement for a bottle of wine, for example, you can now keep all your wines where they are to hand when you need them. You could also have an extra refrigerator in which to keep rose and white wines ready chilled.

Not Only Kitchens but All Remodeling

Of course, at Elite Contractors Services we don’t just remodel kitchens. We can refurbish your bathroom with new furniture or we can completely redesign it. The bathroom today has become a room where many people like to relax after a long day’s work, perhaps chilling out with a glass of wine while soaking in the tub or watching TV.

So rather than worrying about whether you should call us a Vienna, Virginia, home remodeling company or contractor, when you are considering any sort of home improvements just remember that you want the BEST home remodeling service – and that’s us.