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DIY Home Improvement Fails and Risks In Washington DC You Need To Know About

The popularity of home improvement television shows has skyrocketed, misleading many homeowners into believing do-it-yourself (DIY) Washington DC Whole House Remodeling is the way to go. Understandably, homeowners are looking for ways to save money, and DIY projects can often look appealing to those on a tight budget


Unfortunately, DIY home additions or Whole House Remodeling are often a complete failure when owners are not realistic about the skills and expertise that are needed to complete the project effectively and safely. If you’re thinking about doing a DIY project, make sure to consider the following potential fails or risks that could arise when completing a home addition without a professional.

Key Takeaways:

  • The most common cause of DIY home improvement fails is a lack of planning.
  • Follow safety precautions when working on any DIY home improvement project.
  • There are several reasons you should report illegal construction.

You Don’t Have the Right Skills.

You should evaluate your skills and decide if there are tasks involved that could potentially put you or others in danger. Electrical work, plumbing, HVAC, and AC are all areas of work that should not be left to anyone with awful home improvement skills – but to a professional. Professional contractors have experience and skills, and if certain elements are not completed correctly, you could be seriously injured, or the results could be deadly. 

You Don’t Have the Right Tools.

The overall cost of the job should be considered, too. If you need to purchase tools to complete the job, be sure to make a list and estimate the cost. Again, a professional contractor will most likely have the required tools and the cost of using these tools will be included in the cost of labor.

In addition, consider the time you will need to devote to completing the job. Are you going to have to take off work? If so, how much money in lost wages is going to accrue?

You Don’t Have the Right Licenses.

Research for contractors with appropriate skills and licensing.  Following this link  https://dlcp.dc.gov/service/professional-licensing, you can do a quick search and verify if someone is a contractor.   A skilled professional at Elite Contractors Services Inc. has the necessary licenses and insurance to perform and complete the home additions or Whole House Remodeling in the District.

You Don’t Have the right permit.

Research and identify your local building codes. Whole House Remodeling and Home Additions, especially in the Washington DC area, often require permits as a protection to the homeowner and the community.

DIY Whole House Remodeling and Illegal Construction in Washington DC.

DCRA website shows the definition of Illegal Construction as it is a work that is done without a permit when a permit is required. Some people may have a permit, but the work done is beyond the scope of limitation of what that permit has and is considered illegal Construction.

One way to spot illegal construction is to look and see if there is a posted permit on the property. Typically, those permits are going to be on a property that is not occupied. It is easy to go up, just like you are going to drop off a letter and read what the scope of that permit is. A section of the permit gives you an idea of what that permit is supposed to do.

Permits are often posted in the front of a property where you believe construction is going on. It is a requirement on a regulation that you must post your building permits or your trade permits, which would include your mechanical permit, electrical permit, and plumbing permits. All your permits must be visibly seen, either in a public way, in the street in front of the house, or wherever the work is occurring.

Call 311


DCRA 1100 4ths street SW inspection department 4Th floor


Why should I report illegal construction?

  • Permits are there for a very good reason: they protect that property owner, and they protect anyone who is going to purchase that property.
  • Permit trigger inspections; if there is no permit, there is no inspection.
  • Inspections ensure public and community safety.
  • You Don’t Have the Right Licenses and Permits.

A small project, like ripping up carpet and laying peel-and-stick flooring or changing the shower head, is a job you can likely perform yourself without any requirement for special skills and equipment. Other projects, though, like replacing windows, adding electrical wiring and a ceiling fan, installing a new HVAC unit in a building, and a Home Addition, will require the assistance of a professional contractor.

Are you looking for a licensed, reliable Contractor who can take on your Whole House Remodeling? Call now at 703-813-1768 and schedule your free estimate.

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