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It won’t be wrong to say the kitchen is the most visited place in a home. And a nice kitchen can make all the difference in a home. In fact, when it comes to buying a real estate property, the kitchen can be a deal-breaker. Everything from the floor plan to the functionality and the colors of the walls can affect the decision of a potential buyer. 

Accordingly, just like the rest of your home, the kitchen also needs to have a personality and style of its own. Wondering how you can revamp your entire kitchen? This blog covers some of the latest kitchen remodeling trends. So stick with us and read on.

How Much does it Cost to Remodel a Kitchen?

There are various things to consider when remodeling a kitchen, such as the price tag. However, the actual cost of remodeling a space itself depends upon various factors.

1. Your area

The cost of remodeling a kitchen can vary from one state to another. It may also depend upon whether you live in a large metropolitan city or a rural area. 

2. Customization

From the kind of lights you want to the textures on the wall, you might want to customize the entire kitchen according to the vision in your mind. However, the more customized the kitchen is, the higher it will cost. 

Similarly, if you opt for a modern kitchen design, you will have to invest in hi-tech appliances, which may increase the overall remodeling bill. 

3. DIY or professional help

The cost of remodeling also depends upon who is undertaking the project. You might think that DIY projects cost less as compared to getting professional kitchen remodeling services. However, surprisingly, only the contrary is true. 

This is because remodeling is a huge project that requires professional eye and proficient skills to ensure the project is successful. Remodeling is not about fixing a broken cabinet or changing some light bulbs. 

Remodeling involves changing the entire structure of the kitchen and improving its look. Accordingly, if you don’t have a lot of experience in remodeling or constructing, you might end up wasting your resources. Not only will it take a lot of time to finish the project but you might face several roadblocks in remodeling the kitchen. 

Professional kitchen remodeling contractors, on the other hand, know what kind of material and equipment is needed on the site. They also have proper insurance coverages in case any accident happens. Most importantly, they can guide you on what will work or not work for your home. 

5 Best Remodeling Ideas for your Kitchen

kitchen remodeling contractor

1. Experiment with bold cabinet designs

One of the most easiest kitchen remodel ideas is to change the entire outlook of your cabinets. You might ignore cabinets when thinking about remodeling. But cabinets can actually make or break a kitchen’s design. 

Cabinets can add an aesthetic appeal to the overall kitchen and bring your vision to reality. FOr instance, simple wood cabinets can make the kitchen look larger and add a warm feel to the space. 

But if you want to make a bold statement, you can try a wide range of aesthetic designs, such as Mediterranean patterns. You can also select a sleek design for your cabinet, such as glass or laminate doors to give a modern touch to the kitchen. 

2. Be creative with storage spaces

Say goodbye to boring storage spaces because modern kitchens now come with innovative shelving and storage spaces that balance style and functionality. Whether you have a large or small kitchen, you can install hanging storage facilities to make the most out of the space available. 

Hanging open shelves can give a sleek look to the kitchen without overloading the countertops. Another way to add more storage space in your home is to include a pantry area, especially if you have a large kitchen. A pantry area can be hidden behind the main kitchen where you can store all your food items and bulk purchases for a long period of time without compromising the front look of your kitchen.

3. Include a Tile Backsplash

A backsplash is a surface that is designed to protect the wall located behind your kitchen’s stove. After all, you can’t control the splatters of oil and whatnot when cooking a heartiest meal for your loved ones. But you can definitely control the damages caused by these sputtering.

Hence, a tile backsplash is an imminent part of kitchens. It is strategically placed behind the stove to control all the grime and moisture in the kitchen. Tile backsplashes can be pre-installed in a kitchen but there are also removable backsplashes available in the market.

Most tile backsplashes come in exciting designs and colors to complement the kitchen. Accordingly, you can be very creative with the tile backsplashes and add a layer of lamination to make the surface further shiny.

4. Add a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can significantly increase the resale value of your home. Sure, you might have slabs and countertops. But a kitchen island can open the space while giving an illusion of a closed area. 

In other words, a kitchen island can change the floor layout of your space, allowing you to cook in a closed space while overlooking the dining or living room. In this way, a kitchen island can create more sitting space in the kitchen or for cabinets. You can even have open shelves on each side of your kitchen island to keep a butcher block, chopping board, and cheese grater near you while cooking.

5. Install stainless steel appliances

Stainless steel appliances have become very popular these days because of their durability and tensile strength. Gone are the days when steel grates, wood burners, iron, and other items were preferred. 

Today, stainless steel appliances are known for being sleek and modern. They can withstand tough temperature conditions and are super easy to clean as well. Although you might not have a lot of time to clean the spilled food from the appliances, a quick wipe is enough in most cases to clean the stains and residue. 

Accordingly, if you want to give a modern feel and touch to your home while increasing the functionality, stainless steel appliances are a great option.


Kitchen is one of the most visited places in a home, which is why it also requires extra love and care. Plus, there are various benefits of kitchen remodeling. Luckily, there are various ways by which you can remodel your kitchen and enhance its overall look. But first you need to hire a professional contractor. So if you are looking for a kitchen remodeling contractor to work with, visit Elite Contractor Services and discuss your project with experts today.