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8 Steps to Prepare for an Attic Remodeling Project

The attic is the one part of your house that most likely gets abandoned over time. It’s a storage space for all your unused things and items with sentimental value. At some point, you want to make good use of the attic before it eventually deteriorates.

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Transform your attic into a living space that you can treat as a safe haven. But first, you need to have extensive preparations for the project. Learn more about it here.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to prepare for an attic remodeling
  • Understand why you need to remodel your attic
  • Why working with an expert house remodeling company is beneficial

The Preparations of an Attic Remodeling Project

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Remodeling an attic is no easy work. It requires time, effort, and money. This is how you can prepare for this project:

1. Determine why the remodeling should push through.

Your reason for remodeling the attic drives the whole project from start to finish. Ask yourself why you need to give the attic a whole new look. Do you plan to use it as a home office? Do you want to transform it into a home theater? Perhaps a guest suite or a bonus room when someone comes over?

Once you find your reason for remodeling the attic, you have an idea of how to begin the project. Stick to your chosen goal to get the desired outcome of your finished attic.

If you’re stuck on how your new attic will look, design inspirations online might help spark some ideas. Turn to YouTube and Pinterest for more attic remodeling ideas.

2. Check local building codes.

These building codes, not just in Virginia but anywhere in the country, protect your house from potential hazards that may occur. It has guidelines that examine if one part of the house or the entire place itself is safe for repair, remodeling, and renovation. 

The attic is no exception. Most building codes need the attic to have a floor space of 70 square feet or above and a ceiling height of 7 feet.

3. Get the necessary permits.

If you’re done checking the local building codes, you can now obtain the important permits from your local municipal office. Since this is a remodeling, a lot of changes in the electrical, plumbing, and structural look of the attic have to be made. Failure to get permits prior to starting the project can stall the whole thing.

4. Create a budget.

Budgeting can be a difficult and overwhelming task. You need to allocate money for different aspects of remodeling work and make sure you have enough to cover all the costs.

Open a spreadsheet and list down all the things you need to pay for the attic remodeling. Your budget for the attic renovation should include these aspects, among others:

  • Labor costs. Paying the people who work for you is extremely important. Contractors, down to the laborers, need compensation for their work. Leave a huge amount of your budget for labor to pay all the workers on time.
  • Appliances. Purchase the right appliances for the purpose of your attic. Game consoles, speakers, and flatscreen TVs work well with entertainment areas. Buy an air conditioning unit to keep your place cool in the hot season.
  • Materials. Spend on the best and most high-quality materials you can find. May it be wood, steel, or curtains. Using top-notch materials gives your attic a classy and homely vibe.
  • Furniture. Any furniture you want for the attic you’re imagining has a space in your budget. For a game room, you need a sofa, a few bean bags, and a carpet. For bedrooms, buy a bed, a working table, and a custom-made closet. Buy the appropriate furniture for the attic space you want.
  • Emergency funds. Just in case of any setback during the remodeling work, you have something to fall back on. You might end up getting short in funds as more problems are uncovered that call for unexpected expenses.

When the work begins, stick to your budget and avoid unnecessary expenses.

5. Clean the attic.

Before the project begins, the attic needs some deep cleaning. The place has accumulated dust from being the storage area for years. Here’s how to clean the attic:

  • Remove all the items. Don’t leave any small items in the attic when cleaning the whole place to make the whole task easy for you.
  • Seal any gaps and holes. Any gap and hole in your attic invite pests to create their home inside, which contributes to further damage to woodwork. Seal them with a durable sealant.
  • Remove molds. The key to removing molds is mixing equal parts of water and white vinegar. Spray the solution on a microfiber cloth, wipe away the molds, and discard.
  • Vacuum the whole area. Vacuuming the whole attic gets rid of all the dust that has accumulated over time. Just make sure your vacuum still works well, and wear a face mask when vacuuming.
  • Check the insulation. Proper insulation keeps your home warm throughout the whole year. Do a quick check to see if it works well or if no part of it has been affected by the cleaning. Insulation is usually located in the attic’s floor joists.

6. Check the heating and cooling systems.

Consider the heating and ventilation of the attic if you plan to turn it into a usable space. It’s the most exposed part of the house to natural light and extreme temperatures. Upgrading the heating and cooling system is important to control how hot and cold the attic can get.

Installing a ceiling fan is one alternative, as it offers proper ventilation during cool and warm weather. Another option is to improve your HVAC system if you have one. Make sure it heats and cools your space without any issues. If there’s no HVAC in the first place, put ductwork carefully around the attic.

But don’t do the work yourself if you don’t know how. You’re risking a huge fire for your entire home with just one wrong move.

7. Attend to the plumbing and electrical needs.

Rewire your electrical and plumbing system as you remodel your attic. Hire an electrician and a plumber to do the job in respective areas. You don’t want to deal with faulty wiring or poor plumbing after the remodeling has been completed. It will just be another burden to your pocket.

8. Hire the people you need.

Give yourself a pat on the back for finishing most of the preparation requirements. Now, for the last stretch, you need to hire the best people for the job.

Get references from your family and friends on the construction companies you can work with. Ask the designer how he can revamp the attic and make it look new. Choose people who you think can understand your vision of the project.

Make Your Dream Attic a Reality with Elite Contractor Services

Elite Contractor Services is a house remodeling company in Virginia. We specialize in renovating and remodeling parts of your house to give you more space to move around. We work on kitchens, attics, basements, and living rooms.

Here’s what you can expect and get from us when we remodel your attic:

1. Expert assessment.

We assess your attic if it’s suitable for a large-scale remodeling or minimal repair. We will give our insights on what we can do to give your attic a much-needed makeover from the materials, precautionary measures, and overall look. Of course, we will take your ideas into consideration and implement them to the best of our abilities.

2. Compliance with building codes and permits.

Here at Elite Contractor Services, we ensure that you won’t get burdened by the paperwork. We comply with the building codes and obtain the permits for you. That’s one less task for you.

3. Superior services.

We will give the highest quality of work with the services you decide to avail from us. Our contractors, designers, and laborers have sharp attention to detail and an eye for quality. In addition to that, we’re an efficient team that finishes work in a timely manner while maximizing all resources.

Your attic will have the finest touch and most functional use. You won’t get the short end of the stick when you work with us.

4. Clear and honest pricing.

All the prices for our services are transparent. That’s it—no surprise fees and hidden charges at the back. You get what you pay for down to the last cent. And in return, we’ll give you the best service we can.

Parting Thoughts

Remodeling the attic might be tough work, but it’s worth an investment. It adds another layer of personal touch to your home, whether you live in it for a long time or sell it. You have to be prepared for the long work ahead when the project starts.

Do you have a part of your house that you want to remodel or renovate? Message us here at Elite Contractor Services today!

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