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The kitchen is one of the most used areas of a home. A large kitchen can also help sell your home more easily if you ever decide to do so. Increasing the size of your existing kitchen can be done through a kitchen addition, an extension, or even a smaller-sized bump-out. Remodeling can also increase the usable space without tearing down any walls, but to accomplish that it requires an experienced and highly creative kitchen remodeling contractor as Elite Contractors Services.

With any of these options, regardless if you choose a kitchen extension, an addition, or other option, here are 5 quick tips that will save you time and money.

  • Appropiate Lighting is everything.
    Nobody likes to cook in a dark kitchen. While your countertops and cabinetry choices might be white to light up, lighting needs to be located where it will do the most good. Using under cabinets light you can get the amount of light that you need when you are working in any part of the kitchen counters.
  • Exterior Lighting Matters, Also.
    What will your new view be like? Will your new kitchen window be in the shaded area of your backyard tree, or will they face right up against the back of your garage? Go outside and stand where the windows are slated to be placed, and see if you like your future kitchen’s view. Different times during the day might give you different amounts of sun, also. This might not seem important, but the amount of sunlight can affect any plants you are planning to grow in the window.
  • Don’t Build Larger than What You Need.
    Large is good, enormous can backfire on you. Not only are the costs going to be much higher than what they might otherwise need to be, but you’ll find yourself walking much more than you might want. That would include while carrying kitchen items, including hot food. Plus your work while cleaning up is also going to increase substantially. Stick with a final, overall floor plan that is generous but not obnoxiously grandiose.
  • Style – Complementary or Completely Different?
    Some people prefer to make a natural division between existing and new with an island that helps break up the two while still pulling everything together neatly. Islands can be used for eating breakfast, every meal, solely for meal preparation, or a combination. In either case Elite contractors Services we use 3D software to plan your kitchen and help you visualize how you want your kitchen to look when it’s completed.
  • Adequate Storage Space is Crucial to a Neat Kitchen.
    When a space in a home is large, it tends to be filled up. Kitchens are no different and the increased space you’ll have can also increase your feelings of creativity. Creative cooks require more kitchen gadgets, and these items require space. While this might seem to make our second tip counter-productive, remember that you don’t want all of your kitchen gadgets on the counter, anyway. Besides, they will stay cleaner if they are safely tucked away in a dedicated storage space. Islands are a great way to increase space for storing things, but so are under-cabinet racks, which come in a multitude of designs. Shelving is another option that should be considered. Some islands have enclosed storage under them and hanging hooks above them. There are many options, so make sure you decide before you begin to build.

Bonus Tip!

Many electric cords on appliances are shorter than what you might expect them to be when buying them so Make sure that electrical outlets are placed where you will need them. Also, make sure that the garbage disposal switch is located where you can easily reach it. For any kitchen addition project contact Elite contractors Services a Top Rated Licensed and Insured General Contractor.