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With a vast experience of close to 25 years, Elite Contractor Services nearly has a “lock” on the market with a never seen before approach to home remodeling. Unlike our competition, our team of elite contractors can transform’s homeowner’s vision into a beautiful reality that even surpasses their expectations. Elite Contractor Services are mainly involved in the remodeling of existing houses with the option of adding extensions, as per the owner’s requirements. Apart from remodeling we are also involved in custom homes as per the client’s demand and requirements. One thing that puts Elite Contractor Services ahead of our peers is the high level of skill within the company, our reliability in delivering construction projects in schedule, our efficiency, and lastly, our user centered approach to construction.

Elite Contractor Services is one of the many licensed contractors in Potomac, Maryland, and we’ve positioned ourselves to provide the following in the construction industry.

Home Remodeling Contractor in Potomac, Maryland

House Additions at Reasonable Prices in Potomac Maryland

For any homeowner, taste and preference is bound to change from time to time, and if this happens, the homeowner may opt to change the overall design of the house to meet their current requirements. We at Elite Contractor Services offer premium home remodeling and construction services to our customers at fairly good rates. Home additions are among our favorite projects!

Our house additions services are expertly choreographed to minimizing wastage. Some of the advantages of Elite Contractor Services working on your project are the organizational competence that enables us to undertake house extension project from inception to completion. One thing with our home remodeling projects is that we schedule and manage them professionally, thus enabling them to run smoothly. The experience that we possess has made us successful in transforming any office or home space whatever design the clients wants. We do this great precision.

Kitchen Remodeling in Potomac, Maryland

Potomac Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Experts.

Elite contractor Services offers you the much needed consultation you may need before finally deciding to kitchen remodel or upgarade your bathroom. We design your desirable kitchen layout and also offer advice on how to come up with an efficient kitchen. Layout design alone is not enough; we also do good finish for your kitchen and bathrooms. This is what has always made us Potomac MD preferred kitchen contractor. Besides the kitchen project, we ensure that a bathroom becomes trendy and modern with a touch of the owner’s taste. Nobody does value addition to homes more than Elite Contractor Services in Potomac MD.

Basement Contractor in Northern Virginia

Basement Remodeling Company in Potomac VA

You may be having too much unused space in your basement and you may want to transform it to a dream usable space like a guest room or home office. To realize this potential, Elite Contractor Service as the basement remodeling experts in Potomac, Virginia, can help you out. Due to our attention to detail, we give you whatever you want, and in a way you want it to be. With our customer centered mindset, we provide a professional basement design service that meets the client’s expectation.The final product of our basement remodeling project is a modern basement that leaves our client satisfied.

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We are a professional design, build and remodel company that is duly licensed and insured to operate in the Potomac VA area. We have well skilled contractors to help in the design of your home to your satisfaction; we transform your dream into a house. We operate within the regulations set by the authorities to ensure that our construction always meets residential building codes.

With Elite Contractor Services, you are guaranteed of the success of your custom house design or any home remodeling project. We will do all the tedious work necessary to ensure that your dream of transforming your current home to a dream house has come to pass. Just try us today, and for sure you will never regret your decision. We aim to be the best Home Remodeling Company in Potomac VA!

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Potomac Maryland: Factoid

The place these pioneers arrived at was Potomac. Historically, it hadn’t been marked by notable events in the Civil War or earlier conflicts. There were no birthplaces or homes of revered American statesmen, as was common in the Virginia Piedmont. The soil was mediocre, in some places so rocky that oak trees wouldn’t grow more than 30 feet tall. What Potomac did have was beautiful countryside, streams, the Potomac River and cheap land. The Great Depression hit local farmers hard, as it did others elsewhere. And desperate farmers were selling out for as little as $50 an acre. Elie Cain’s father, Moran “Mike” McConihe, moved from Washington to Potomac in 1938.

Source: http://www.bethesdamagazine.com/Bethesda-Magazine/November-December-2009/The-Beginning-of-Potomac/