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Many homes, especially the older ones in Northern Virginia cities like Alexandria or Arlington, have quite nice attics. However, in the vast majority of cases they are full of old junk that has been kept because “it might come in useful one day”.There is a saying about clothing that you have at the back of the wardrobe but never wear: “If you have not worn it for the past two years you will never wear it again – so throw it out!” This is probably very true of all that junk in the attic as well.

 Remodeling an attic for more space in Arlington, Virginia.

If you need extra space in your home, attic remodeling could be a very good idea indeed. First you need to figure out how to get rid of all the junk. After that you need to call us because we can take all that wasted space and make it useable again.

If you have a growing family there comes a time when each of the kids wants their own room so that they can play Grand Theft Auto or spend hours on Facebook when they should be doing homework without mom and pop knowing. Attic remodeling will give you that extra room – or possibly even two – at far less expense than moving home. It will, of course, also increase the value of your home by a considerable amount – certainly more than the cost of the remodeling. What’s not to like?

A Hobbies Room in Your New Attic Addition!

Of course, you may not have kids, or they may have grown up and fled the nest (if you are that lucky!). Even so, there are many things that you can do with attic remodeling. What about a hobbies room, for instance? One of our customers here in Fairfax County, was a keen fly fisherman and we remodeled his attic and turned it into a room where he could tie all his flies and fiddle about with all his fishing gear without getting under his wife’s feet all the time. Both were very happy.

Another customer in Washington, DC, wanted a bar for entertaining friends in, so he designed his own private bar with everything that you would find in any bar including a mirror back to the bar, shelving for all the bottles and glasses, beer pump – the whole kit and caboodle. He and his friends can party all night long without upsetting the family.

You might want your own private pool room. Why not? Unless you have a very big house you can’t put a pool table in the living room, but you can in the attic.  So many older homes in Arlington and Washington DC have great attics! (It gets us very excited about the possible home remodels!). 

You see, there are very many things that you can do with that attic once you have got rid of all the junk. Tell us your ideas, and we will design the perfect additional room for you.