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Nothing makes your home more of a “rest stop” in Reston than having a home remodeling contractor evaluate its possibilities! We are the #1 Reston Virginia home remodeling company, and in the “rest of” Northern Virginia as well, and we have some great ideas for all aspects of home remodeling.Home remodeling in Reston Virginia

Some people want to remodel their kitchen. Others want to remodel the bathroom. Others want to make use of wasted space such as an attic or a basement and turn it into useable living space. Still others want to add an extension or a conservatory. Whatever home remodeling project in Reston Virginia you wish to achieve, Elite Contractors Services can undertake it for you.

Have you got a garage that you don’t use for parking the car? Or maybe you don’t even have a car, and the garage is full of all sorts of old junk (don’t be embarrassed – we all keep stuff that “might come in useful some day”!) and you’d like to turn the garage into an extra room. You could turn it into a games room, an extra bedroom, a home office, or even a bar. Many celebrities have their own private bar in their homes, so why not you? Apart from anything else, your own bar is a lot less expensive than going to one in the town.

Do The Same With An Attic in Reston, Virginia

You can do the same with an attic as you would the garage in the suggestion above. Many homes in Reston, Virginia, have an attic and most of them are the same as the unused garage – full of stuff that we don’t want to throw away “just in case……”. By remodeling your attic and turning into a useful room you get the benefit of the room and you add a considerable amount of value to your home. Just look at the difference in price between, say, a three bedroom home and a four bedroom one. Let’s put it this way: the difference is far greater than the cost of the remodeling. It has not been unknown for some people to remodel the attic when they have no intention of using it because they are going to put the house on the market as soon as the work is complete.

Maybe you have a garage, but suddenly both your teenage sons have passed their driving test and have just bought their own first cars. Suddenly, there is no room on the driveway for all the family cars so you need an extra garage. No problem – we can add one on for you.

When it comes to Reston Virginia home remodeling reach out to us for a quote. We can get remodelin’ while you just rest in Reston.