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Fairfax, VA, is both a county and a city in Northern Virginia, and guess what! We are both a home remodeling contractor Fairfax, VA, and a home remodeling company! So what’s the difference?Home remodeling in Fairfax.

There are businesses who refer to themselves as home remodeling companies but in fact only do part of the work. Often, they do the design work but then outsource the actual construction to a home remodeling contractor, or they may do some of the work themselves but sub-contract other parts of it out. At Elite Contractors Services Inc. we do it all. We think that it is the best way for things to be from the customer’s point of view because everything is under the overall control of one business, so there is less chance for things to go wrong.

We are not the biggest home remodeling contractor Fairfax, VA, which is another advantage. We don’t have a vast army of laborers, so everything is tightly controlled by a small group, and all of our technicians know what the next one is doing and where, and what he, in turn, should be doing next.

Every Type Of Home Remodeling for Your Fairfax, Virginia, Home

We also undertake every type of home remodeling. We specialize in kitchen remodeling and home additions, but we can undertake any type of work that you require including garage additions, bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling, and converting the attic into useable extra space. Many homes have a basement or an attic – or both – that can be turned into useable living space giving the owners much more room, making a place for an elderly relative to live, or an extra room for the kids which keeps them out of the way of mom and pop.

Similarly, you might want a games room, or you might want to convert the garage, attic, or basement into a home office. More and more people are looking to work from home these days in order to avoid the dreaded commute, and with the advent of the internet it has become perfectly practicable for many people to do so. However, you do need a separate office where you can get on with the day’s work without interruption from the kids, the dog, the cleaner hoovering the sitting room, or whatever else happens in the rest of the home. We could even build you a home office out in the yard where you can be completely separate from the house.

So, yes, whether you call us a home remodeling contractor, Fairfax, VA, or a home remodeling company, and whether you live in the city of Fairfax or elsewhere in Fairfax County, Elite Contractors Services Inc. can undertake any type of home remodeling that you need.