08/24/2017 Keith and Claire Phillips

Absolutely top endorsement. I am in the military and got back after being away for three years and needed help remodeling the front of our house taking down an old, dilapidated porch and replacing it with a nice portico. We spoke with three other contractors prior to finding Ken Rahim and Elite Contractors. They either blew us off (Zelaya) or came in way over budget. Ken responded immediately to our call and met with us shortly thereafter. We had a good conversation about what we wanted. He LISTENED closely and came back a few days later with a strong proposal. Ken took care of the permits with Fairfax County and was flexible enough and always available to discuss changes as the project progressed. He was at our house nearly every day checking on how things were going and making sure we were happy with his crew. His crew is the secret to success in my opinion. He hires his own people to do 90% of the work. There is none of the standard having to wait for an electrician or a plumber or the painter or days upon days of down time. Progress was made everyday – it was an awesome feeling. The team was at the house every day by 8 am and worked throughout the day. Orli, the team lead, is a master craftsman and wonderful person. They cleaned up at the end of every day which made us and the neighbors happy. The other key for us and another reason for the 5 star review was Ken’s personal involvement and accessibility. He truly wants the job done how you want it done while willing to give you his perspective based off of 20 years in the business. Great overall experience, we highly recommend Elite Contractors and will absolutely rely on Ken and ECS the next time we need work done on our house.

12/29/2016 – Essie Freeman 

it all went great. The workers were professional. They took every measure to protect areas that were not part of the remodel and the work was excellent. The office manager listened to what I wanted and with her expertise and my ideas in my head, we put together the perfect kitchen for me. The bathroom door was widened and a spa like shower was built replacing the bathtub. I love it!  The living , dining and kitchen were dark requiring lights even on bright sunny days. Walls were removed to provide an open loft concept. Recess lighting and sky lights provide bright natural light during the day and lots of light at night. I will recommend this company to anyone.

07/28/2016 – Thomas Adams 

It went well, Ken and Ana were able to help us navigate the options and at no stage did they attempt to upsell us or sneak in additional costs. We looked at for additional ideas and worked with Ken and Ana to develop a workable solution. They were intent on keeping the project on budget and on schedule. The quality for the money was exceptional. Ken is a man of high integrity and very fair. He keeps his word and values his customers.

07/18/2016 – Jan Felix Wolfinger 

Elite Contractors Services did not submit the most cost efficient proposal, but the fact that they had an architect in house as well as the positive personal connection we felt from our initial discussions made us decide to do the job with them. Ken was at our house almost every day to make sure things progressed as planned, but his whole crew was great. Everybody was very nice and considered and always concerned to make us as their customers happy. We are very happy with the final product, especially the open stair case design that makes for a much more appealing and inviting space both on the first and the second floor of our home. As with any project of this magnitude we did have a few issues that did not quite work out as we had hoped, but Ken always made sure that those were resolved to our satisfaction. Also, the few problems that arose after the renovation was completed were always addressed quickly and thoroughly without any further charges.

06/14/2016 – Nicholas Keyes 

We worked with Ken and Ana over a number of weeks to put together designs for remodeling our kitchen and bathroom.  We were impressed with their professionalism and the level of effort that they put into developing the designs.  Ana was meticulous in her designs and prompt and detailed in her responses to our questions, and Ken provided good advice along the way.  It was a real pleasure working with both of them.

02/05/2016 – Brian Henkel 

Elite Contractor’s Services remodeled our kitchen more than two years ago.  While we were extremely happy with both the design by Ana and work done by Ken’s crew, after some time we discovered that the tile they installed would not hold grout and in some places the floor seemed to flex more than it should.  After several attempts by me to resolve the grout problem, I finally wrote Ken and Ana an email describing the issue. We were out of the warranty period, but Ken unhesitatingly offered to fix the problem. Although I offered to pay part of the cost, Ken declined and promised the problem would be fixed to my satisfaction at no cost to me.  I was surprised as this would not be a small job.
Ken came with his project manager, reviewed the situation and agreed the problem would require reinforcing the floor and redoing the tile job to correct the problem.  Within a few days, Ken arranged for his flooring specialists to begin work.  They started by removing the previously installed tiles and the concrete board underlayment.   Ken’s workers discovered the original home builder had left some ends of the plywood subfloor unsupported and had missed securing the subfloor to the joists below in some cases. These conditions were not apparent when the tile had first been installed in place of a linoleum floor.
Rather than destroy the finished ceiling below, Ken’s workers carefully cut into the kitchen’s plywood subfloor and nailed two by fours between the floor joists to stabilize the subfloor where it was unsupported and then screwed the plywood back into place.  They also located places where the floor was not secured to a joist and screwed those section down.  Over top of the now more stable floor they placed a concrete backer board thicker than the one used previously.
A major snow storm delayed the tiling for several days, but when work resumed things went quickly.  I was impressed with the quality of work and how careful the workers were to clean up the work area at day’s end.
Both my wife and I are extremely happy with the new tiling job and Elite Contractors Services commitment to the customer’s happiness.  Having worked with other contractors, it is unusual to find one who stands by their work despite the expiration of the warranty period.  Ken and Ana are a rare find whose work I admire and whose honesty and commitment I respect.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.

10/29/2015 – MaryBeth Nascondiglio  

Our project began in January of 2015 and took 8 weeks to complete (March 2015).  Permitting in the City of Falls Church took longer than we anticipated and our cabinets (ordered from Home Depot) were behind schedule.  If everything had arrived timely, Elite could have finished the job in 5 weeks. Since completion, they came back to fix/finish a few odds and ends.  Everything is in excellent working order.
Overall, we eclipsed our budget but this was not because of Elite.  They stayed true to the price that Mike Diggs quoted us.  It was great that we could use our own finishes, we ended up getting exactly what we wanted but we did spend more on higher end finishes than originally planned.
The craftmanship and quality of their work is really high.  Ken employs his staff, which is not always the case with contractors.  He has good people that know what they are doing and it shows in their work.  It has been really gratifying to see the look on the faces of family and friends who have seen the “before” and “after”.
Elite was great, however, we strongly believe that the key to getting the most out of your project is to be an active participant in the project.  Check in on the project daily, if possible.  It’s impossible to over-communicate your wishes, make sure that you go over the details with Ken and Elvin (Supervisor) even if you already discussed them with your designer.  As with anything else, the devil is in the details.  The project will go much faster if you communicate ahead of time so that work does not need to be changed to redone entirely.

10/26/2015 – Megan Wehrstedt  

I had the distinct pleasure of working with the team from Elite on an addition to my 115 year old house, which included a new kitchen and bedroom, as well as two bathroom installs/remodels.  Ken, Ana, Mike and the entire crew exceeded every expectation I had going into the process.  The crew was clean and very respectful of my home.  I was constantly amazed at how hard they all worked.  Ana was wonderfully patient as I obsessed over finding the perfect backsplash tile; Ken provided sage advice on all aspects of the project; and Mike, the architect and structural engineer, deserves sainthood for his time commitment not only to the multiple iterations of the drawings for the project, but also for managing the permitting process.  I absolutely love the finished product.  Everyone who has seen the kitchen has raved about the quality of the craftsmanship and materials, and the overall design. Since I’ve been living in/using the new space for a couple months, I’m very pleased with the overall function and flow of the space.  I can’t thank the whole team enough for their work and I hope to find opportunities to work with them in the future!

10/20/2015 – Jonathan Stahl  

They did an outstanding job.  Ken and Anna are a great team and their staff were some of the most professional contractors I have every worked with. (I deal with commercial construction at my Job) The team led by Elvin the foreman showed up on site at 7am every day, they worked fast and had an attention to detail.  They cleaned up the job site every day as well.  As things came up they wee very reasonable about making changes, including moving some work around while the engineer needed to go back and make some adjustments to the plans.  The Job was scheduled for 12 weeks, and was completed in 12 weeks.  They tried to get it done sooner but it just wasnt possible

04/08/2015 – Christina Seibert  

Ken and Ana and their crew did a fantastic job with both bathroom renovations and the crown molding installations.  They are so pleasant to work with and so are their employees.  They helped with everything from picking the materials to the final touches.
They stayed within the budget and time written in the contract, and they were responsive and flexible with my additions along the way.  The project only took 3 weeks total, and they were clean while working.  There was only minimal damage to a wall and door that they fixed without a problem.
They are trustworthy and timely, and I definitely plan to use them for future house projects. I would and have recommend them to anyone.

04/05/2015 – Michael Marshall  

Ken Rahim and his team did an excellent job on the renovation of four of our bathrooms. The work was done with a high level of professionalism, on time, and on budget. We were especially pleased with their sensitivity to our allergies as they were careful to install extra protection to prevent against dust and debris in the house, and did a very thorough clean-up each day. We are very pleased with the end result.

02/10/2015 – Virgina Greenwood  

This job went very quickly.  They showed up on the designated day on time and worked steadily through the day–every day.  I appreciated they way they hung plastic to protect the rest of the condo as much as possible and cleaned up very nicely every day.  I always had confidence that they knew what they were doing and did things well.  Crew was cheerful and polite and totally trustworthy.  Several times I asked their advice on my paint or lighting choices.
As I had never done anything like this before, I appreciated the advice I received from Elite Contractors regarding the design, flooring, and countertop choices.  I never felt hesitant to ask questions and they were able to advise me and find answers quickly to questions I had.
I am very happy with my new kitchen and the work that Elite Contractors did and have already recommended them to several of my friends.  After hearing from friends about their (sometimes painful) experiences, I feel I was very lucky to find Elite Contractors on Angie’s List.  Initially, I was uncertain about whether or not I wanted to do this job and had the design done months before I actually contracted to do the work.  When I went and met Ken and Ana, I was much more confident that I wanted Elite Contractors to do the work and felt confident that everything would be done in an efficient and professional way.  Only thing to be done is to install a small cabinet over the sink and install handles on cabinets.  I highly recommend Elite Contractors and will use their services again when I do the next improvement to my condo.  I am loving my new kitchen!

01/29/2015 – John Hoddinott 

Elite did an excellent job. One of the main reasons we chose to go with Elite was because they listened to our ideas and viewed our project as pretty straight forward. Some contractors came out and were completely overwhelmed by what we thought was a fairly standard addition (and their pricing reflected this as they came in much higher than Elite). We met with at least 3 other contractors, and Elite certainly inspired the most confidence. We found that the designs provided by Mike Diggs captured what we were looking to do, and he was very good at revising the design to incorporate small changes without any drama. I thought the timeframe for completion of the work was ambitious (they said it would be within 6 weeks), but they held to this schedule, which was impressive. The team from Elite was on-site every morning ready to work, and they worked very hard to complete the job on time. As with any project, we ran into several challenges along the way, but issues were addressed in a timely manner. Some of the communication could have been better as sometimes my wife and I would not get the same info via email, but again, I view this as fairly minor as the end result was great. Thanks to Ken, Mike, and the Elite team.

01/16/2015 – Kerry Dumbaugh 

The Elite crew were wonderful — truly professional, attentive, timely,  and with a great price.  Unlike other contractors, who make you sit through an interminable presentation then say they[ll get back to you with a price, Elite owner Ken knew his craft and his costs — as all good contractors really do — and gave me a price after 20 minutes of examining the project.  He beat the highest bid by $16,000, and the next lowest by $3,000.  Ana, the designer at Elite, was all over the details, as was Ken, and we talked multiple times a day.  The installers were superb — real artists, explaining things as they went, and the whole project was finished in 5 work days.  (Another contractor told me he would be there “for weeks” on the project.)  The quality of the work is first-rate, and I couldn’t be happier with Elite.  Definitely use them for your project!

01/05/2015 – Sam Marullo 

The service went well. We had a pretty good idea of what we wanted, and they did a good job. They showed at the appointment in time, and they provided the renderings in a timely manner as they said they would.

10/20/2014 – James Brush 

Ken quickly contacted us and was flexible with our schedule. He listened to our needs and along with his wife chose cabinets flooring etc.
His workers were on time and courteous. They worked quickly and efficiently. If there were any issues, he was very responsive.
Because this project went well, we are having him renovate our kitchen next.

10/15/2014 – Beth Dickey 

This was a fixed-price “deal” purchase. They came to the house, measured the dimensions of my kitchen, interviewed me about how I use my appliances and cabinets, asked about my requirements, and made a computer-generated design showing the concept kitchen from a variety of angles. They asked thoughtful questions, listened to my needs, made good suggestions, and tweaked the design until I was happy with it.

10/08/2014 – Diane Manzavinos 

Description of work:

I had new flooring in the kitchen, hallway, powder bathroom, and we rebuilt the dining room floor area. We also removed and replaced wall and opened window area in the kitchen I had old kitchen cabinets replaced with new cabinets and new granite counter tops in the kitchen. In the powder room we replaced flooring, sink, toilet and accessories. Elite contractors also fixed and completed work on an existing leak. Overall, the project went very well and the owner of the company addressed all my concerns.

09/09/2014 – Peter Kenny 

We had been searching for weeks for a reliable and professional contractor in the DC area to add a hallway and walk-in closet to our new home before our big move.  From the moment we met with Ken from Elite Contractors Services we knew we found a true pro!  He worked with us on price and was punctual and extremely responsive.  We are thrilled with the overall quality and attention to detail.  We are planning to do a few more projects and we’re relieved to know we can call Elite Contractors and we’ll get an excellent product for a reasonable price.

08/11/2014 – Mark Daniel  

I contracted Elite Contractor Services to remodel my kitchen and bathrooms in preparation to sell my home.  My home did not have any work done on it since 1990.  I wanted it to have a modern and updated look so I could get a good price as well as sell it quickly.  Ken and Anna took my guidance and ran with it.  They are both very charming and easy to work with.  They helped me pick colors and themes that would help the home sell.  The final product was beautiful.  My wife and I were surprised at the outcome and were a little disappointed that we did not do the upgrades sooner.  Crews came every day and ranged from one person to around 6 or 7.  Ken estimated 6 weeks but the majority of the work was done about 2 weeks ahead of schedule.  They left a lock-box on the house so they could enter when I was not available.
In the beginning, Anna (Ken’s wife) did a 3D rendering of the work before they started.  They have a nice little showroom in Annadale where you pick out cabinets and granite.  She was very knowledgeable and also a pleasure to work with.
Ken has a portfolio of hundreds of jobs that his company has completed.  He assured me that he has seen everything.  His company size and experience were exactly what I was looking for.  For a job of this size, I did not want to hire someone with little experience who may claim to do it cheaper. Nor did I want to go to Home Depot or another large company. I would definitely hire them again.

08/06/2014 – Judith Roberts

It was a beautiful job.  The drawings were excellent.  They did a larger than life design. They made changes when I asked.  They very good and thoughtful. I had circumstances that stopped the revocations.  The price was fair.

06/26/2014 – Philip O’Beirne 

It went well but we didn’t end up going with them because we wanted to shop around for cabinets. They were very professional and prompt though.

06/25/2014 – Sharon Lehman 

They were very quick, and they got things done ahead of schedule. They were very professional, they followed up with me, and I highly recommend them.  They were good.

05/21/2014 – Erin Murphy  

Elite Contractor Services was always responsive, responsible, professional, and friendly.  The work was a bit pricey but the quality was superb and not only done to code, but done aesthetically well. You absolutely get what you pay for. They secured all the appropriate permits and inspections. I received the plans prior to the construction as well as a copy of the plans that had been approved by DCRA and the permit.
The heaviest lifting was the roof deck; they replaced slightly scary wooden stairs with a beautifully done metal staircase that is safe (they anchored it to beams inside the house). I get compliments on my improved deck from my neighbors all of the time.
Their professionalism and responsiveness is unmatched. I called several contractors to do the work and did not get anywhere near the same level of professionalism as I did with Elite. Elite also makes sure they follow through on all aspects of their work.  Despite the work being initially approved by DCRA, DRCA came back to inspect other items 7 months later and essentially reneged the original inspection approval. Elite pushed back on DCRA and fought for me (they had the grounds to do so) but worked with me to get some of the new items done. Not only were the new items done quickly,  they were done well and at a reasonable price.
Ken Rahim and Michael Diggs have worked with me every step of the way. They are fantastic to work with and I would recommend Elite Contractor Services to anyone looking to have work done and have it done right.

04/14/2014 – Dennis Dzierzawski 

Scheduling was fine. The cost on the estimate they provided to have the work done was higher than my budget .  It was a husband and wife team and they emailed the plans to us in a timely manner.

04/01/2014 – Jennifer Torres 

It was great. They listened to our needs, got us a couple of options and emailed them to us. After that, they let us alone to let us think. Good people and good product.

03/26/2014 – Yvonne Hudson 

They were flexible and responsive. They were just here today to make the measurements and we look forward to getting the design. They were early to our appointment.

03/24/2014 – Robert Rzepka

Great!  Very professional organization, willing to listen to my suggestions and freely offering up their own recommendations

03/24/2014 – Vivian Hwa 

Went well, delivered product as promised, I felt bad asking for too many re-draws (still waiting, and I don’t know if they will ask for more money), but they are a good jump off point to show other designers and contractors for illustration and bidding purposes.  Got what I paid for, no complaints here.

Very nice people, keep asking if we want to continue with using their company to actually do the remodel with a relative but is a perfectly fine company to use and they were very professional.

02/05/2014 – Mike Mattice 

The visit to my home and few telephone and email exchanges thereafter with Ken and Anna were professional, personable and efficient. They understood and responded to my goal and practical limitations with drawings that nicely crystallize my thoughts. Additional discussion regarding materials was an added bonus. This Angie’s List special offer provided real value

01/31/2014 – Louis Jones 

I was very happy with them.  They had a punch list with them and they took care of every item that I brought up and asked them about.  They met all my needs.  They were very good.  They were very pleasant people; they were doing the job, kept the house clean. They came in worked; there were few minor irritations but nothing to complain about.  I really enjoyed their work.  I thought the pricing was very good.  I upgraded some of the things; they gave me credit for some stuff.  I selected fixtures that were more than what they would allow us and I was happy with the price.  But I think there were things that they could have done a little better.

12/27/2013 – Gary Gregg 

Bottom Line Up-front: Yes! I would invite Elite back for a similar, smaller or larger job. | |A little background: Following the accidental flooding of our kitchen, dining and living room area due to a broken hot water valve the PuroFirst emergency services representative suggested Ken’s company; Elite Contractor Services.  After this flooding mishap we decided to remodel our 25 year-old bathroom and kitchen. After Ken’s initial home-visit we met with Ken and his partner (his wife Ana) at their Annandale, VA office. While there we were shown samples of bathroom and kitchen tiles, cabinets, counter tops, tile and painted colors and fixtures. Ana then put all these ingredients together in a 3D computer kitchen model we could view at our leisure on our iMac. | |We decided to take a vacation during the week-long remodeling work. Upon our return we found both the bath and kitchen nearly completed – and from what we saw we knew immediately that Ken’s company was both a detail and artistic oriented concern.  Plastic covered our furniture and after the work was completed his “clean up” crew did a superb clean-up job.  We let him pick some colors and faucet designs and colors. Ken and Ana’s sense of color and design was perfectly coordinated with what we generally suggested. Communications with the firm were constant, clear and timely (calls, text and eMail) and we felt totally at ease is their collective sense of color and design during the remodeling period. And, since we live in a condominium Ken and his crew were responsive to following the guidelines governing use of loading docks, elevators and trash removal. We had our new ketches appliances (stove, microwave and dishwasher) delivered to Ken’s offices. These were then installed in our remodeled kitchen after the older appliance were taken away. | |We could not be happier with the remodeled bathroom and kitchen. There were minor items that required two return visits from his staff. These were scheduled with one simple phone call and the touch-ups were done in less that an hour each time. Working with Elite Contractor Services was a joy. Thank you Ken and Ana. | |Gary and Kristine Gregg |Belvedere Condominium |Arlington, VA 22209 |

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